This series of work is the result of a new collaboration between Artist and Artisan. The two makers initially met at the Lyme Regis school of boatbuilding in the late nineties. John Mcshea undertaking his shipwrights training and Naomi Vincent as Artist in residence developing learning new skills to apply to her artwork.

Both Artist and Artisan both have strong ideas, different skills, a love for form and a deep appreciation for the raw material. For these works Naomi has produced sketches of forms, ideas and possibilities. John interprets and realizes them. Things change and evolve during the making process, Artist, Craftsman and material allow the dialogue to unfold…


Naomi is most known for her ʻwork on waterʼ, relatively large scale site specific installations. In 1997 she graduated from Norwich school of art and design and set up her studio workshop in South Devon where she worked for 10 years. During this time Naomi exhibited nationally in galleries and open air spaces such as rivers, estuaries, lakes, ponds and the open sea.  More about Naomi .


John Mcshea has been working as a wooden boatbuilder and craftsman for the last 18 years, most of that spent around the Salcombe estuary. Over that time Johns love of tools, materials, and a need for creative expression, however subtle, has become a signature of everything he makes.  More about John .